E2X offer innovative and leading technology to provide a range of energy saving solutions for commercial, industrial and residential.


Coil Defender Solutions
  • Long Term Corrosion Protection.
  • Improve efficiency.
  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality.
Chiller Plant Optimizer
  • Compatible with all brands of Chiller.
  • Complete chiller plant efficiency optimisation and control solution.
  • Real time Management & Monitoring, Measurement & Verification,
    Maintence & Diagnostics, Reporting & Charting.
  • Continuous read and adjust the Central Chiller plant for optimum performance
Automatic Tube Cleaner
  • Green Renewable Solar Power Solutions.
  • Total Solutions Provider for design and built.
  • High efficiency and scalable solar solution.
  • Micro Inverter and data monitoring provides high
    functionality and reliability.